Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Latest Developments in EBUland

For the bidding theorists amongst us, this minute from the latest meeting of the Tournament Committee is of interest:

The committee considered a letter from Bob Rowlands, addressed to various parties, including the Laws & Ethics Committee. The issue raised was the use of a system of transfer openings and responses [presumably moscito or something similar - DC] by a pair competing in the National Pairs Final. The pair was also the subject of previous similar correspondence regarding the National Inter-Club Knockout.

Mr Rowlands felt it was totally inappropriate that such a system should be allowed in events involving short rounds, when opponents have little chance to prepare themselves, and also in events such as the NICKO, which should be used to encourage club players to participate in national tournaments. If the EBU should stand by its decision to run all events at level 4, then this system should not be allowed at that level.

The committee unanimously agreed with Mr Rowlands’ sentiments, and wished to strongly recommend to the L&E that they reconsider their stance.

Despite playing a Level 4 system myself, I have to agree with this - in fact I said so in an earlier post. It just reinforces my belief that the "correct" level for general tournament play is somewhere "between" Level 3 and Level 4. It will be interesting to see what the L&E has to say about this, since they previously decided that it was "a Tournament Committee matter" ...

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Martin Carpenter said...

I can see that there is potentially a real issue for the national pairs and similar events, where you're playing lots of 2/3 board rounds.

I think that the current level 4 really should be fine for K/O teams events like the Nicko. People aren't put off by oddness remotely as much as some seem to think - while at uni I played RCO twos in a low division of the Coventry league w'out anyone batting an eyelid :)

Incidentally I think this may well refer to one of the pairs (ex) from Durham Uni who iirc played Moscito in the national pairs. Could easily ask on their message board to see how people reacted overall.